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Return a List of Hosts Associated with an Application through REST


We're looking for a way to pull in all the hosts associated with an application, preferably through the REST interface. Basically, we would be looking for a way to export the data available to the Monitoring Dashboard out to an external file or service. For reference, it would be akin to clicking the "Hosts" link on an application in order to bring up all related hosts in the Infrastructure Overview (see below):

Is there a way we can query these hosts from an external service? A look through the REST API documentation doesn't seem to provide any command that would get us what we're looking for.

This question is basically the same as the one asked here, but that one is for Keynote, and I didn't want to sidetrack the forum post by tacking on my own question to that one.

If that's not possible through REST, can we generate a report that will provide the same information in a parse-able format? Finally, failing all that, is there any way at all to get this information out of Dynatrace AppMon?



Hello Gregory,

If you wanted to create a report of all the hosts related to
an application, you could open the Infrastructure Overview dashlet in the
system profile and in the header, you can filter by application. You can then
save this dashboard, if you will need it in the future or simply right click on
the title and select report. Here you will have the option to generate a report
in PDF, HTML, XML, XLS or CSV. You can select the format that you prefer, CSV
is probably easiest to parse and then use it as needed.

You can also use the REST API to generate reports from


David Nicholls

This is most likely the path we will be taking. There doesn't seem to be any quick and clean way to export the hosts associated with an application through the REST API.