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SAP Application monitoring through AppMon


My client has SAP application environment , What are scoping questioner we need to ask the customer for planning AppMon BT, Measures , Dashborads etc..



It depends on the SAP application if you can even monitor it with appmon. You might have some luck with Netweaver:

But other parts use ABAP, or have a wily agent already injected for the SAP Solution Manager.

We have run a PoC with UEM for SAP, but we mostly use DCRUM for SAP applications.

Was the SAP UEM POC successful -any tips you could provide?

I should be more specific - I'm really asking did you get enough from the POC that you think it is worth us starting one. DCRUM is not an option for our client.

Yes the PoC was successful. The monitoring isn't as advanced as a full appmon setup of course, but it is significantly better then nothing. So if other tools aren't an option I would definitively take a look at UEM only instrumentation, to get a grasp of user experience.


Hi, Could you please post correct URl (

getting error page not found.

I corrected the Link, sorry for that.


Can anyone help me in getting my SAP HYBRIS monitored via Dyantrace?

When you say Dynatrace, to you mean Dynatrace SaaS/Managed, or AppMon?

For Dynatrace SaaS/Managed, just install the OneAgent on the machines.

For AppMon you can use the Hybris Fastpack.