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SAP Hybris - Appmon


Did anyone tried and succeeded with this

Performance and User Experience Management for SAP Hybris

if yes please ping as i want to try it in our lower dynatrace/hybris environment.

Thanks in advance,



Yes we've used this at one of our prospects in South Africa, with success. There is a bit of configuration required, more so around the source for the AppMon dashboards which ships with the Fastpack, but overall quite easy to implement.


Hi, yes this is very widely used and popular with our Hybris users. Did you have a question regarding it?

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Except for the pre-built dashboards, most of these capabilities are now available in Dynatrace SaaS/Managed. SAP has switched from using AppMon to Dynatrace, so it's already fully vetted. If you use Dynatrace instead of AppMon, you get all of the additional benefits that Dynatrace has over AppMon.
If you have access to Dynatrace APMU, you can see how to configure Dynatrace here
Additionaly, I'm working on automating that process through the ConfigAPI via Python script. The ConfigAPI is still EAP, though, so the auto deployment of the settings is will not be available until it goes Public.