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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

SNMP monitoring assistance


I tried setting the plugin up but it did not connect and the log gave me no data even when set to finer. I tried working through the steps below in this article but it does not seem to be working. I cannot even get the plugin to change to string entry by editing the xml file as a test since we are supposed to need a specific key for access. I even have a MIB file for the application but am not sure how to get this all working.

"For the SNMP Monitor plugin which is built-in into the product you need to replace the following lines in the plugin.xml file

<property label="Community" type="list" key="community" default="public"
description="The community string to use when querying the SNMP metrics.">
<item value="public" />
<item value="private" />

to the following line:

<property key="community" label="Community" type="string"
description="The community string to use when querying the SNMP
metrics." default="public" multiline="false" />

The same change you need to do with the SNMP Action Plugin V2. This
is quick workaround that should be used temporarily. I have built jar
file for the SNMP Monitor plugin which contains above changes. Let me
know if you need it or you will use yours. Please let me know if you
need any other help in making proposed changes.



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hey Jared

Thanks a lot for your feedback and your workaround on this. The SNMP Plugin should definitely work out-of-the-box as it is a supported plugin. Could you do me a favor and open a support ticket for this. Please put a link to this forum post. I think the engineering team needs to look into this. If there is really a problem with the plugin we need to get this fixed


Hi Andi / Eugene

We are using 6.3.4 and we can't make the SNMPv2 action plugin to write in finer mode in the log file and the messages seem to sent traps without any data, do we need to use Eugene work around or any other action we need to do?

Thanks in advance


dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace primer partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel



I am interested
in adding new MIBs in order to monitor different type of SNMP devices.

dynaTrace 6.2 I see I cannot add new measures, but I believe could modify the
measure name and their oid value for any built-in measure that I will not use, editing
one with my own new measure.

Someone has
done something like this?

Hi Juan - nice to see you again (at least on the forum) 🙂

check out the doc on our SNMP Monitor Plugin. The proposed way is to extend the SNMP Action Plugin via a so called SNMP Monitor Metric Group. A Metric Group is like a plugin but it just contains configuration elements to extend existing plugins such as SNMP, Windows PerfMon or JMX. Andi

Andreas, Sorry to be a simpleton but are there more detailed instructions somewhere on how to add metrics to the snmp monitor? I am looking to monitor IBM ISAM devices and need to get metric related to the HOST-RESOURCES mib. Something like importing the mib? My apologies I am an novice when it comes to Snmp. I have the monitor working to the devices but the right metrics are not coming back. I dont think there included and the preloaded metrics.

Hi John,

A while ago I worked on creating an F5 SNMP monitor, and along the way I tested with a HOST-RESOURCES MIB from Microsoft. I basically convert the MIB to a Metric Group using a MIB browser to convert the MIB to CSV, and a java program I wrote to convert the CSV into a Metric Group XML file. I would be happy to work with you on this. if you email me (dave dot mauney at dynatrace dot com), I can share the current HOST-RESOURCES Metric Group XML to see if you can get it to pick up the metrics you are interested in. If needed, I can take your HOST-RESOURCES MIB and convert it to a Metric Group.




Thank you comming