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SOAP with easyTravel


Hi All,

I have already managed to demonstrate successful integration via REST after following this tutorial:

However, we are doing a testing POC and the client web services are SOAP based. At the moment we have been unsuccessful and I am wondering if the final request's protocol matters when a test gets registered. Here is the tutorial's scenario applied to the POC:

I am wondering if there was a way of firing a SOAP request against easyTravel? In that case would you be able to provide a WSDL? Looking forward to hearing from you..



P.S. I have already opened a support case.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I cannot answer the question about easyTravel, but here a couple of thoughts/questions/ideas:

  • When calling the SOAP request through do you see the corresponding PurePath in AppMon? But not in the test automation dashlet?
  • To simplify to whole testing process, you could skip the test run registration process - and just "hardcode" TN=SampleTestName in the header. See "X-Dynatrace header sample". The test should be displayed under "auto-generated" test run. Once this work, you could continue the integration with the test run registration.

Hi Sonja,

We are definitely able to see the corresponding PurePaths on the POC server. However, even after hardcoding the header we are still unable to see it.

I am guessing that it might be getting stripped out somehow. I am wondering if it could be related to Java Web Services sensor settings not allowing servlets (In my understanding required for successful integration). That is another possibility, as on the machine with easyTravel the request gets to a server directly (whose sensor settings allow servlets to be captured).

Keen to hear your thoughts..