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SQL: capture column value not working for columns using an alias



first of all: We are (unfortunately) still running DT 6.1 and I have browsed thru the docs here but haven't found anything appropriate.

I have created a DB monitor and am trying to capture the value of a DB column by using an alias. The original column type is a string and I have mapped the string value to a number by using the TO_NUMBER function of Oracle like this:

select TO_NUMBER(DECODE(system_state,'NOT_OPEN','0','AVAILABLE','1')) as gate_open from ...

This works fine when executing the query directly in the database, and the DB monitor returns "success" but always returns 0 for the column data and also displays a row count of 0 (thus showing that it hasn't received anything at all).

Querying (numeric) fields without aliases or querying "count(*)" works fine so in general it seems to work.

Did anybody encounter this problem as well and may indicate me to some solution?

Thank you.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Joerg. Which plugin are you using? Maybe we can talk with the plugin creator to see whether there is a fix to this issue. Or - in case you are using one of the Community Plugins you could also check out the source code as it is on github


Hi Andreas,

thank you for your help. It was "only" a semicolon at the end of the SQL-Statement. While this is common in most of the SQL tools, it must not be there in the DB Query plugin.