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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Salesforce CRM Integration


I've been reviewing the JavaScript ADK documentation (particularly the CORS pieces) and it looks like Salesforce CRM integration is a very realistic use case.  Has anybody else dug into this?  Are there any success stories or pitfalls to watch out for?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Kyle,

Can you add to the Salesorce CRM a JavaScript tag? Isn't that a hosted service that Salesforce offers?

If you host it yourself the following questions come to my mind:

  • Which language is it writen in?
  • Is there an agent that could be palced on it?
  • If not is the traffic running through a web server where you could do the injection?
  • our is there a manual why to put the JavaScript tag in place?

Cheers Klaus




Thanks for the response, Klaus.  The reason I'm looking for folks with some first-hand experiences to share is because I don't have anything in the way of firsthand experience with SalesForce, which is running as a hosted application.  Some of the pages are "custom" and we definitely have control over making sure that the JS ADK is referenced from the document head, and I think I am seeing in the SalesForce CRM documentation that it is possible for the "out of the box" pages to have script references injected in the head. but am not 100% sure.  In addition to the mechanics of injecting the script, was hoping folks might also comment on whether a successful implementation brought them value.