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Same BT, different count


I am trying to put on a BT that show the relationship (if any) between the number of visits affected by Javascript errors and the perceived render time of the visits all broken down by Browser. The BT looks like the following:


Then, I created a Chart dashlet and used the BT above to show a breakdown of browsers (thus, I am using the BT as a table) and got the following numbers:

I created a second dashlet to show the same data in a pie chart and numbers are consistent:

I finally created a third dashlet to show the perceived render time and found that the Count column for each of the browsers is not matching the table above. Please, see below:

For instance, the table right above this line says IE has 395 counts while the first table says 531. The BT used by the two dashlets is always the same. The difference is that the first dashlet uses Count while the second one uses Perceived Render Time.

Why do I get different counts, please? Does it mean that there were (531-395=136) visits which dT was unable to calculate the Perceived Render Time of?

Thank you,




Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi Daniele,
what I see first is that you calculate your BT per "User action" but talk about a calculation "per Visit". Maybe just a typo - but does not look like.
Maybe this is the (to be honest a bit simple) solution. If not, is it possible to add  an exported session, and the created dashboard so we can take a look at it.