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Same UEM visit for multiple unique ids used for logins


Please help me to understand why there is one visit if we logon to the site using the same browser twice with two different ids. The visit does in the purepath show the separate logins as when I view details of the doget() the request header shows different ids. Is this an ip issue where always the same ip determines it is always the same visit after logging off and logging on with a different login id. This question was asked once before with no answer at:


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I believe the dtcookie value is what identifies unique sessions, these sessions only expire after the configured user inactivity timeout period so even if you log out then in with a different account I would expect the visit to be the same as the cookie wouldn't have changed. The other option is to use the JavaScript ADK to manually end a visit when a user logout occurs.



Maybe something to do with visit tagging as well? Are the two logon using the same id/visit-tag?

Based on the measure you have configured for tagging it will just use the first one it sees in the case where the measure is seen multiple times in one visit as is the case here. As long as that dtcookie is the same it will be seen as one visit until it times out after inactivity.


Good info! Thank you for that insight James and Wai!!