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Same day last week


How to set the timeframe "The same day last week"?
I would like to see the response time of a transaction with timeframe = Today-7 without changing the custom day each time

Example:Functional health overvierw


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

HI Lazaro,

this feature exists in the dual axis charts, where you can choose the same timeseries with an offset of e.g. 7 days.

It's not available for the other chart types. You might want to add this as an RFE if you can't implement your use case with a dual axis chart. Best regards,


Hi Peter,

thanks for the answer, I choose dual axis charts but I do not know where to set this timeframe.I would like to compare today's transaction times with the same day last week
Best regards,

There should be an "offset" dropdown for the "Right Axis" chart. The idea is to compare the same time series with the 7 day offset in the same dual axis chart, so add the User Action Response Time of your BT to the left and the right and then choose the offset of 7 days.

Thanks Peter