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Scala API causing slow transaction

Dynatrace Supporter
Dynatrace Supporter

Hi all,

Does anyone know why is the Scala API taking a long time and how can it be improved?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


From the top screenshot where the auto sensors show a lot of scala code, i can see Several getResults methods so i'm guessing one of the queries returns a lot of data (recordset) and it is taking time processing it.




Hi Florent, thanks for suggestion.

A point about these purepaths that response time of web request is not very high most of the times but duration is always very high some times more than 10 mins (not shown in screenshot attached in original post).

i noticed that executeHttp() method is invoked asynchronously many times (3rd screenshot) and finally time spent is shown in scala API on thread waiting.

Response time hotspot shows most of the time on scala API. It looks like that threads are running for very long time background but I cannot conclude any thing out of it.

I am not well versed in scala API so wondering is the way threads are handled in scala / akka or as per your feedback it can be due to processing of large data set.

Any pointers how to investigate further is highly appreciated.



Akka (which is the usual underlying library for concurrent programming in Scala) is currently not supported by AppMon and the way it works leads to the artifact you're experiencing.
Basically, the "correlation token" is not passed from actor to actor in Akka and this is why some threads appear as being part of a purepath even if they actually are not any more.

I had created a RFE about it a few months back with a different account but can't find it any more in the forum.