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Search PurePath very Slow, Sometimes Incomplete, and Sometimes Fails


Hello All,

I'm looking at opening a User Action via the Rest interface. This is the construct I'm using:


However, the search takes about 2 minutes EVERY TIME. And, when the data finally comes back, it shows the Transaction Flow, but not the User Action or User Action PurePaths. I have to drill down from there to see them. I'm assuming this is because I'm opening a User Action, and not a Server-Side PurePath.

Now, when I try loading a Server-Side PurePath (not User Action), the Dynatrace Client tells me it Can't Open the Requested PurePath, then opens it anyways, still after 2 minutes of searching, apparently.

I know this is probably going to end up in a support ticket, but any thoughts on this? We're on v6.3.7, by the way.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Cesar,

First of all, I LOVE your paint skills, I wish I laughed so much with every forum post!

Secondly, based on all that you've written it should be a support ticket indeed. Maybe there is something up with the indexing of the session files or with the disk access? Just a thought but support will be able to help you further.