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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Search for application doesn't have page title



Is there any possible way in dynatrace to search for applications which doesn't have page title in it. And also should not have page title as Welcome.

I have created a business transaction and used a Page Actions measure .

I have used the regex (.+?)- ?Welcome in Target Page Title, I was able to get the data but the problem is I guess its only checking for page title in .xhtml files but we do have page titles defined in .dust , .xslt files or in some templates where dynatrace is not tracing the data.

Can anyone please help on this.


Bharti Gaur


Hi Bharti,

I believe the Page titles are only fetched when the docuement is a webpage (having <title> tag) and not static documents.

Also, avoid using regular expression by defining two measures and OR-ing them.

Regards, Rajesh