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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Selenium tests not showing up in Test Results dashlet



This is my first post here !

I've been using AppMon (7.1) for a few months and I'm now exploring its integration with Selenium tests.

I've followed the steps in UI Driven Browser Test and created a simple test with the new Selenium IDE. I then play back the test. I See the session in Dynatrace, fine (so agent is injected correctly). In the user action purepaths of my test I also see metadata captured :

But the Test Results dashlet remains completely empty...

any idea what I could be doing wrong/missing ?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


a couple of things to check:

  • The test automation dashlet is only active in the Pre-Production (formerly Test Center) Edition, if I remember correctly. Have you checked the license type?
  • How long did you wait? It can take a couple of minutes for the data to be analyzed...
  • Have you enabled the option "Enable Browser/UI-Driven Tests" in the Test Automation Settings (

Hope this helps,


Hello Sonja & thanks for the quick feedback !

  • I'm on our non prod environment - which is a Pre-Production Dynatrace license (I would not even see the 'Test Automation' part of the System profile I believe).
  • I've been trying that for a few days now... so I've been waiting enough !
  • Yes Browser/UI-Driven Tests is enabled.

but still nothing 😞

agree, a few days waiting should be enough 😉

I think I see the problem now. The test run id should be an ID generated by AppMon. It is used to pass to meta data about the test (e.g. version, ...). The test run needs to be registred (through API, or using maven, ant, ...) to the AppMon server and you then get back the test run id to add in your script.

You have two options:

  • either remove the testrunid from your script. AppMon will generate a test run for you
  • use the API to register the testrun and then use the returned id for your test

You might find this tutorial useful, it shows the difference between the two options:

Details about the API call to register the testrun:

good luck!

Thanks again for your time.

I did try without a test run ID ... but no luck !

But I also tried to generate a test run Id directly through the swagger rest API test running on http://XXX:8021/api-docs/current/index.html#!/Test_Automation/postTestRun...

(hoping to put that runid manually in my test case for now)

and there I'm getting an error


"code": 500,

"message": "ORA-01658: unable to create INITIAL extent
for segment in tablespace DYNATRACE_DATA\n"


So I believe there's something wrong with our Dynatrace installation...

I sent the details to our team in charge of the DT environment...


Yes, this looks like an issue with the performance warehouse (which is required for test automation feature - as this is the place where we store the metrics).