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Sending Webservices thru Python script


We want to send the Alert information to Event manager tool using webservices in dynatrace(created Inc and action to be run webservices using general exc plugin), How do we pull the parameter fron dT and can we have the parameter list which have ?

Will dT Accept json API webservice Call which we try to exc from Generic Execution Plugin When an INC happen.? 

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. The Generic Execution Plugin provides a lot of the Incident data through its arguments such as {RULE}. so - you can pass this along to your web service call. There is a detailed documentation with examples available on that plugin download page. Scroll all the way to the information of version 5.5.8 - there you find a link to a document in step 3. Hope that helps

If that doesnt solve your problem you can also create your own Action Plugin where you have all the freedom to call whatever service you like