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Sensor Configuration Not Working


I've gone into into one of my agent groups and updated the sensor configuration for ASP.NET to include capturing of some custom HTTP headers. This agent group covers a service that runs on three servers. However, it seems this change won't take effect on one of the servers while the capturing of these headers works perfectly fine on the other two servers. Do I need to perform some sort of force reset on the problematic server?

Screenshots below show comparison between working server and not working server.



Hello Tom,

If you go to the Agents Overview and select the agent that is giving you trouble you should see a tab in the bottom pane next to the "Agent Properties" called "Deployed Sensors". You can compare the sensors here with your working agents to make sure that the sensor was deployed. If it is not, you can try using hot sensor placement to apply the sensor (right click on the system profile -> click "Hot Sensor Placement") or restart the .Net service and check to make sure that the sensor was placed.


David Nicholls

Thank you David! Since it was my production environment, I was not comfortable doing the Hot Sensor Placement during regular business hours so I restarted the service on that server during our maintenance window and now it's working!

Awesome, I am glad to hear that it is working now. Have a great day!