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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Separation of devices in AppMon



I have a request from some Web Analytics people where they want to separate between "Smartphones" and "Tablets".

The line is not as clear as one would hope but their reasoning is that their assumption is that "most" of the time, a tablet is used over WiFi and a Smartphone uses what the mobile carrier provides. This alters the potential capabilities since the communication difference between 3G/LTE and WiFi is significant. Further the tablets are often (not always) more High Res and people can wait a bit longer for a respnse while things you do on your mobile is usually on-th-fly and the user wants an answer instantly.

So I wanted to pick the brilliant collective brain of the user Community on how others have done?



Hey Ulf,

I'm not sure we could tell if a device was certainly a tablet, but, if you're using UEM, you could make a guess based on the Bandwidth measure to create a BT which separates out visits by bandwidth tiers (<1000kb/sec, 1k-5k, 5k+).


OK - I guess you could build up some sorting based on the metrics such as Connection and other things. What if you had a list to check against?

These guys have a (very) long list of devices which they used to sort data from Google against.

My main concern would be performance if every device would need to be compared against a external (to Appmon) list, but is it feasible?