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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Server deployment incidents, AppMon server


Hi All,

At a customer system we are seeing the following errors:
"VMware - No CPU MHz reserved"

"VMware - No Memory reserved"

"CPU Frequency insufficient - needs 2600 MHz CPU clock speed, system running with only 2400MHz"

The customer wants to know how big of an impact there possibly is from not reserving the resources and running the system with lower frequency. The other possibility we have is to go for a physical server.

Kind regards



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Anton,

You must reserve the resources from the VMware because later on you will face the performance issues.

I had face this issue and then I requested customer to make sure that I have the dedicated resources instead of sharing to avoid the sitation.



Hi Babar,

Thank you for your response. Do you have a recommendation on how to monitor the situation and verify performance issues when they occur? Currently confirming the dedicated resources for the AppMon server VM might not be available to us.

Hi ,

How to do so .How we can reserved resource .we also facing the same issue.

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hello Anton,

The environment incidents should help our customers and Support engineers figuring out the cause of AppMon server performance issues. However, an environment incident does not necessarily mean that your AppMon server will face performance issues in the future. For example, if the VMware image running the AppMon server is the only guest on a sufficiently equipped hypervisor host, dedicated reservations are not necessary.

On the other hand, if there are severe environment incidents (such as VMware - Hypervisor Swapping) raised, it is very likely that the performance of your AppMon server is affected.

The best way to monitor your AppMon server is the Server Health Dashboard, indicators for a misconfigured machine are:

  • Skipped PurePaths
  • high GC times (> 20s)
  • high Storage queue saturation (> 80%)
  • high RTA queue saturation (> 80%)
  • high CPU utilization (> 80 - 90%)

See for further information:

Hi Stefan,

Based on your experience what is the best way to predict and monitor the possible issues on the AppMon server due to the VM performance. It might be that we cannot secure the resources for the VM and would like to get the best possible view of the current performance to help determine the next steps.

Hello Anton, sorry for the delay - I've updated my initial answer, hope that helps.