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Session Storage - Aggregation?



I'm trying to understand how session storage manages data aggregation (if it does any) and how to work out how long low resolution data is kept in session storage.

I understand that the performance warehouse has the following configurable aggregation settings for storing the various levels of resolution:

  • High resolution: All data received within a minute is aggregated to a single data point
  • Mid resolution: All data received within an hour is aggregated to a single data point
  • Low resolution: All data received within a day is aggregated to a single data point

Is there something similar for session storage, or does it simply continuously overwrite whenever the session storage limit is reached?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jacob,

the session storage doesn't do any aggregation, it writes the purepaths as-is, albeit in a compressed format. It will overwrite old data once the quota is filled. Best regards,


To add on to that, I believe there is some time series data stored in the session storage, but it is all high resolution, and will only go back as far as space allows, like Peter said.

Thanks both - Is there a way to see how far back the purepath data goes for a system profile, or would I manually check?

Hi Jacob,

if you right click in your system profile and select details you will be able to see how far back the PP are being kept. Example:

Now, if you have multiple system profiles you will have to check for each one and if you want keep more days for one app than other you can reserve space by system profile under Settings>Dynatrace server settings> Storage and under disk quota reservation per system profile add the desired system profile:

This will also tell you Since when do you have data for that system profile.

I hope this helps.


Erick Z. Brambila