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Session file storage on Appmon


Hi Team,

We know Dynatrace saves session data in files. For a system profile it creates 3 folders:

  • timestamp.t0.session
  • timestamp.t1.session
  • timestamp.visits

It is observed it creates new folder past 4 hours or if file size becomes 5 GB.

Can anyone suggest a way to reduce this time or file size.


Bhavin Shah


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

It's designed to create 5GB sized session files until the filesystem runs out of space at which point it starts cycling out the older data to make room for newer PurePaths. I've never noticed a time frequency as well but I imagine that is intended as well to break up the data into chunks as well. If you could decrease these sizes you'd have less transaction data so not sure what the goal would be in decreasing the sizes.

In the server settings under storage you can set quotas for usage if you need to, this would be overall for storage not individual files.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Bhavin, Can you explain the use case which causes you to want to change these settings?

Hi Joseph,

We have XLarge size of DT server. During the business hour time when load is high on server, if we tries to export multiple reports of different system profiles performance of DT server degrades.

To resolve this we are planning to move session file to another server and export reports from their.
But to get report of latest timeframe data, we need to reduce session file cycling time.

Please help.


Bhavin Shah