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Session store to splunk


Do we have a way to import visits details from Session store to Splunk . Our requirement is to get the visit based details (like visit tag , Visit duration , IP address ) from the session store and push it to Splunk .


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Not directly session store but I would recommend checking out the PureLytics stream. More info ->

This stream will allow you to send visit based details (among other things) in an easy to read JSON format.

I know the doc talks about using ElasticSearch and Kibana but you can configure the endpoint to hit any source including Splunk. Here is a really good post by Dominik highlighting multiple ways you can send the PureLytics stream to Splunk ->

Hope this helps,


Just want to add you can use the Big Data Transaction bridge as well

Thanks for the info Ari! If you're really interested in Splunk integration they have pretty cool conferences. I was included on one in Columbus that really highlights the integration with Dynatrace.

Thanks for all your response . we are going through the provided links .