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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Severe Incident occurred: Performance Warehouse


Severe Incident occurred: Performance Warehouse

Triggered by Performance Warehouse related events.
Exception: An element does not exist perhaps the schema is corrupted

I am getting this alert for every 5 mins(from Dynatrace Self Monitoring Incidents) . Can anyone tell what does it mean.
How to resolve it

Thank you so much in advance.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Karthi,

there should be a more detailed message in the Repository.0.0.log file (see System Information dashlet). It means that either our automatic pwh migration hasn't worked as expected or that the initial set-up wasn't completed correctly or that something broke in the pwh. The detailed message should give us a shot at determining what exactly the reason is.

If you don't mind losing historical measurement data (PPs won't be affected), you could go to Server Settings -> Performance Warehouse -> Rebuild Schema, which should fix the issue.

If this doesn't fix the issue, you probably need more permissions for the database user.

Best regards,


Hi Peter,

This may be true . Because the PWH got recently VM cloned or migrated.Again migrating the old PWH will solve the issue?

Because I am not sure about loosing the historical data while rebuild schema.


Karthikayini M

Hard to say without detailed logs. Please try the migration again. If it continues to fail and you can't read any detailed information from the Repository.0.0.log file then please open a support ticket and attach a support archive. Thanks,

best regards,