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Severe messages in DT6.5 Server


Hi.This is Saka.

Please tell me the message below.

SEVERE [DefaultRepositoryExceptionHandler] Could not handle exception. See attached exception: Data integrity violation occured see attached message for details : SQL Operation: Error for batch element #1:The value of a host variable in the EXECUTE or OPEN statement is out of range for its corresponding use.. SQL CODE=-302、SQLSTATE=22001,DRIVER=4.19.49 caused an integrity violation: com.dynatrace.diagnostics.repository.exceptiontranslators.DefaultRepositoryExceptionHandler handleException:37

Q1. Please tell me about what is the trigger of this message is output.

Q2. Please tell me how to resolve when this message is output.

Q3. Please let me know the impact of this message being output.

Best regards
Tetsuya Saka


Hi Tetsuya Saka,

that's a bug in our DB2 schema that triggers when an incident has a very long list of affected purepaths.

Please ask your DBA to run the following two SQL statements on the DB2 PWH instance:

alter table incidentrecords alter column pathidentifier set data type varchar(1000);


best regards,


Hi! Peter

This is Tetsuya.

Thank you for your reply.
Could I ask one more question about your answer.

you said this message is a bug,
is it output because the number of characters stored in the schema is insufficient on DB2?

If it is a bug of Dynatrace,
will it be fixed in the next version of Dynatrace?

Best regards.
Tetsuya Saka

Hmm, the bug should actually be fixed in 6.5. The root cause for the bug that we've fixed was that the column "pathidentifier" was limited to 800 characters but in the code we checked a limit of 1000. We've fixed this inconsistency with the 6.5 migration scripts.

If the error message happens for a 6.5 dt server, maybe it's a different root cause.

If you can confirm that the message occurs in a 6.5 Repository.0.0.log, please open a support ticket referencing this forum conversation.

Attach a complete support archive and a description of the "incidentrecords" table (column data types and lengths). Thanks,

best regards,



Hi,Peter K.

This is Saka.
Thank you for your reply.

Multiple collectors are started on the same host.

The each port number set for the second and subsequent collctors is other than 8043/8042.

With this setting, Could you say that the both of these messages will not be output in the future?

Best regards
Tetsuya Saka

Yes, that's what I expect. Note that this remark should go to this forum post: