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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Share Webdashboard publicly


In the documentation I read the following:

"Viewing a web dashboard requires a Dynatrace user account to login but a dashboard can also be made publicly available without the need to login."

But I can't find the option to share it publicly, can somebody guide me to the solution?





We are also need to know. how we can share the Dashboard to the user who don't have DynaTrace access.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


In 6.3, there will be a public mode for web dashboards so users will not have to login.

In the mean time, a work around could be to create a local DT account that has limited permissions and give that out for Web access.



Correct, in 6.3 we have a public mode. With a dummy user (added to the URL) you can avoid the need of a login. The good thing with this approach is, that the admin can control the access of certain system profiles for this public dummy user via the permission settings.

Well but that's not sharing publicly for me, that is just a shortcut for the login.

We need a solution where only the Dashboard content is shared and the user is not able to create new Dashboards and access all of our measures.

Hi Jason, i wanted to follow this approach but i have created the dashboard using Admin ID, now i want to follow your approach where i use a dummy ID with less privileges and share that ID with everyone. is it possible to change the ownership for that dashboard from admin to some other ID perhaps from the config (i don't see an option in the UI).


are you using 6.3 EAP to test it?

Simple to do: Share the admin created dashboard. Then login with the other user ID. The user should see in the shared tab the shared dashboard. Select dashboard in the overview and copy it. Or you can export/import the dashboard.


Thorsten, we are still on 6.2. I am wondering if there is an alternative for 6.2


you can modify the XML file where we store the metadata for each dashboard (see owner). Make sure that you have a backup before you modfy it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Manual changes can cause severe problems and system instability -->
<!-- Apply manual changes only if you have received explicit instructions from Dynatrace Support -->
<dynatrace version="">
<webuidashboard memento.version="">
<metadata owner="admin" shared="true" name="Support dashboard" id="d38e1146-c28c-452b-a7ed-55cf99e5b229" modificationdate="1452780361114" version="16" revision="bcccf5e1-c689-4d10-8598-bc55896e9ba4" />

You can find the dashboards in the Dynatrace installation folder:

..\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.3\server\conf\dashboards\web


Awesome. Thank you Thorsten. very helpful. i will change the owner.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

In 6.2 (which is the currently official release) you can click on the Share button in the Web UI and you will get a unique URL that you can share with anybody. I think I also covered this in my YouTube Tutorial on Building Web Dashboards.

When I share this link I'm facing the login screen and can't do anything else.



You still need to login as we need to make sure that the user also have privileges to see that data. thats why the login is still required in 6.2

In 6.3 there is an option to provide links that do not require a user login!

Is there a simple way to pass credentials via URL?


Yes, there is in 6.3 a similar solution. See my answer above.


Web Dashboard is part of your Implementation and if its AD configured environment then access is required.

I don't this Dynatrace 6.2 has Non Login URL capabilities but check with your AD Team if they can create one internally bypassing the credentials authentication.