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Sharing webdashboards


In AppMon 6.5 I've created a webdashboard and I shared it with "ALL USERS". Can anybody explain to my why my colleague can't edit my webdashboard. Only the owner of the webdashboard can edit this. What I am doing wrong?


Hi Jannick,

this is how the web dashboard work. Only the owner can edit the dashboard. "ALL USERS" can see the dashboard. If they want to adust/customize it, they have to clone it.


I don't understand why we can't working together on 1 webdashboard. In the client we have this possibility to work together at the same dashboard.

Because then every other user also could change/delete the dashboard and this is not desired, right?

Suppose I've created a dashboard and I and I get sick for a long period. We are working as a team, not????

Hi Jannick,

what we have on our plan for the future: By giving a user group permission to "override" web dashboards from other users, your usecase will work. Stay tuned.