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Should I see these 409 errors in dT?


We have UEM enabled on one of our site and the web team is trying to figure out how frequently a specific HTTP 409 error happens.

I would like to help them out, and I feel like dT should be able to show me that information, but the only errors I see in the Errors dashlet are 404s and 401s.


FYI: The original failing request, without UEM:


With UEM enabled I see that the initiator for the 409ed resource is the dtagent, so I guess I should see that error somewhere in the system profile?


Thanks again,








Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Please perform a UEM Health Check. If dtagent is returning an error it means you need to change your injection URL. By default - dynaTrace is injecting the dtagent on the root URL of your application. If your web server doesnt allow javascript files to be downloaded from eg.: http://yourserver/dtagent.js but rather from a url like http://yourserver/resources/js/dtagent.js then you can change that URL in your System Profiler under User Experience. There you can change the Path for dtagent as well as the monitoring signal we send back vai the URL /dynaTraceMonitor

This also explains why you dont see these errors in dynaTrace because dynaTrace is not capturing these as it causes them. Hope that helps



The URL injected for dtagent is OK. I checked and the file is available from the root.

The UEM Health Check says that the problem is with the session cookie dtCookie. They list 3 causes :

  1. The required dynaTrace cookie 'dtCookie' could not be created. This problem was discovered when the Set-Cookie header was not found on the response headers. Please check your application server or webserver regarding cookie policies.
    1. Perhaps, but I doubt it. I see the cookie using Developer Tools in Chrome.
  2. The found session-cookie was invalid. Please make sure to update the involved agents to the latest version.
    1. These agents are version
  3. The cookie's doman is set to an invalid value.
    1. Most likely. The domain is not set. I will investigate our Apache config to find out why is that.