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Should dynatracemonitor calls continue after UEM is switched off and browser restarted and local cache cleared?


We have been running some mini tests with UEM in a near-production environment and have seen some behaviour that we're not expecting so I'm hoping someone can help explain this. We are using 6.3.4. The web application is a very complex one and runs only in IE, is certified with IE11 but does run in Quirks mode (although I'm not sure that plays a part in this question). A user was running the application whilst UEM was enabled, we then turned UEM off and we confirmed that none of the returning pages contained the UEM javascript agent. The user then logged out from the application, closed IE11 altogether, restarted IE11 and cleared the browser cache. They then restarted the application and throughout their new session there were numerous dynatracemonitor calls being made. We expected there to be no dyantrace traffic from the browser at this point. There are 2 parts to my question.

Part 1 - why are dynatracemonitor calls still being made under these circumstances?

There look to be 3 different dynatracemonitor calls being made:

1) Ones with parameters passed, I assume these are genuine attempts to pass back UEM data to the web server. Here is an example:


In fact all of the calls where parameters are passed look to be related to /WebClient_SSO//blank/blank.htm.

2) Ones with no parameters passed and which return the same html as those with parameters passed

3) Ones with no parameters passed but which return the following:


Part 2 - please clarify what these 3 different dynatracemonitor call types are doing?

I could attach a slightly sanitised fiddler trace if required (would have to remove some calls with some potentially sensitive data).



I'm starting to answermy own question after further digging. It appears that all the dynatracemonitor calls are from a .../blank/blank.htm page which is a placeholder page with an explicit cache expiry set that is very very long (and shouldn't be). Excluding this page should stop all the unneeded dynatracemonitor calls whilst we sort out the root problem.

To continue the answer of your own question. You will receive dynaTraceMonitor signals as long as there are pages out there that load our agent. If you have any caches like you - or if you use CDNs that cache your pages it could take a while until your UEM changes take effect