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Show relevant BT's to a specific application not all applications


Within my system profile I have three applications using web URI pattern matching. The incoming web requests appear to be captured and are being assigned to the correct application.

I have defined several BT's that are applicable to only one application. When I display another application, the same BT's are displayed. Is there a way to limit some/all/one BT's to a specific application instead of all applications?

I see this forum Q/A which asks the same question, but frankly I don't understand the answer provided. I'm not clear on why/when the application can and cannot be selected as a filtering criteria.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Basically the reason the details were grayed out and couldn't be used in that example is because it is a default splitting/filter/splitting measure which are not allowed to be modified. To get the BT filtered on one application you can create any new measure (even just a new purepath count or response time measure) and in the details for that measure make the change recommended and calculate only for your desired application.


I think I followed that, maybe not.

In one system profile, I have three applications. I've defined 7 BT's. They are of course, not applicable to all applications, so I'm trying to limit the display of the BT to the applicatble application. This may be where the problem lies. I don't want to see the BT on the other applications, only the application to which it is applicable. Also, what I'm doing to see the BT's is to open the monitoring dash, then click the applications link at the bottom, then select an application. In that display, I'd like to see the applicable transactions, and hide those that aren't relevant.

So, following your advice, I went into my system profile, went to measures, expanded BT, and expanded one of my BT's. This particular BT has a purepath response time measure, so I went into the measure, clicked the details tab, and marked 'calculate only for selected applications' then chose the associated application.

Going back to the Monitoring dashboard|Applications and selecting a irrelevant application still shows the BT that should be limited to another application.

So, I'm hoping that I'm just misunderstanding how the product works; maybe what I'm asking isn't possible. If I'm not misunderstanding, then I'm not sure why it's still displaying on the other applications.

Hopefully that made sense. I appreciate any assistance that can be provided! Thanks!

Yes,I want same solutions for this.

The filter is telling the BT to only capture PurePaths that are a part of that application, but the way the monitoring dashboards work (what you're looking at) require you to use that application split which means it will look at every application even though we are filtering out that traffic. And yes I looked at some of ours and I see what you're seeing in the other applications, I rarely look at these and prefer to make my own dashboards so I never noticed it but it makes sense even though it's undesirable. My main motivation for doing filtering like this is for when I'm creating things like incidents so I never encountered this.



Hi James

I have created new measure and calculate only my desired application,but all other's applications can also see this BT.(no data in that application group).

See my note to Mathew above, but the only way I can think of to stop the BT from looking at the other applications would be to stop splitting on application, yet this would also prevent you from adding it to the monitoring dashboards so isn't really a good solution. I think I'll create an RFE since the behavior everyone is looking for does seem to be preferable.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This is the RFE/Idea I've created: