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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Signal Strength [dBm]: Android UEM


Hi community,

I have instrumented android app with Dynatrace ADK using Gradle plugin and it was instrumented successfully I am able to capture all the Lifecycle events and major data point for the same expect below three data points under Mobile App Details section

1) Number of Running Processes:

2) Signal Strength [dBm]:

3) GPS Coordinates:

Please help me getting above data points as well

Thanks in advance


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Mohit,

The latest agent version does not capture the two metrics "Number of Running Processes" and "Signal Strength". These metrics were only reported by older agent versions.

The Android agent does not automatically monitor the GPS position and it does not add a Location listener to your application. You have to enable the property DTXInstrumentGPSLocation and implement a LocationListener.

From the official documentation:

Activate the DTXInstrumentGPSLocation property to monitor the user location. This lets the auto-instrumentor instrument all your location listeners, and appends the captured user position to the sent data. The agent captures only three fractional digits. Your application must request the location permission and implement the location listener. The auto-instrumentor supports the following location listeners:
* android.location.LocationListener

We also recommend to use the latest 7.1 agent version instead of the 7.0 agent. The 7.1 agent is compatible a 7.0 AppMon server. You only have to enable the property DTXInstrumentWebRequestActionWrapping. For more information see the migration page.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the answer and pointing out that Appmon Mobile Agent latest version doesn't support the two data points it solves my current problem.

Can you please guide me to the document instructing how can I use the DTXInstrumentWebRequestActionWrapping property in Gradle plugin while building APK using Gradle. I am not able to find out where to append these Dynatrace properties while building the APK.

You find the necessary information in the Dynatrace Gradle plugin documentation. In the segment "Customize auto-instrumentation properties" it is explained how to customize the auto-instrumentation process. Here is an example how your customization could look:

dynatrace {
defaultConfig {
applicationId 'MyExampleAppID'
startupPath ''
agentProperties 'DTXInstrumentGPSLocation ': 'true', 'DTXInstrumentWebRequestActionWrapping': 'true'

Thanks, Thomas will try to build the APK with 7.1 Agent and the specified properties.