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Significance of share point FastPack.



Need info regarding the available share FastPack (SharePoint FastPack)

What extra details it can give apart from share point dashboards? I went through the community URL but only dashboard related information is given.

We have already instrumented share point application under AppMon but this FastPack is not installed.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

A fastpack like that is essentially just a predefined system profile configuration with things like agent groups, special sensor groups, and some dashboards predefined. It's name "fastpack" is because it can get you set up with a system profile to start monitoring much more quickly than if you manually created it.

I've never used it but lit looks like it also has two sensor groups you can use to troubleshoot issues if it is a pre-production environment.

To see all of what is available in the fastpack and possibly copy->paste a few things from it into your existing profile you can install it and then either disable the new system profile it will create or just make sure none of your agents will map to the newly created profile.



I have used the SharePoint Fastpack before, it has a few predifned Sensors Groups, Business Transaction and Dashboard that are helpful, the Business Transactions needed some adjustments in different environments though.

I would to as James suggested and just import the FastPack, you can then copy/paste all things you deem relevant to your actual system profile.

Will it support SharePoint 2016? In the details it says "Tested with SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013".



I have not tested it with SharePoint 2016 yet, but I think most things should work with the new version as well.

I would just test it, if any measures/BTs are not working you can just tweak them from there.