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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Silkperformer 15.5 plugin for dynatrace 6.5


@Andreas G.

I am using the silkperformer 15.5 version and have enabled the diagnostic plugin on it. I am using the dynatrace version 6.5. My goal is to be able to view the purepath for the transactions that are being sent by the silkperformer tool. Now, there are 2 problems that i am facing -

#1 - When i run the silkperformer script, i see an error in the "SilkPerformer diagnostic plugin" saying - Warning 500 Could not start session recording for server "XXX" and system profile "YYY". When i change the profile name from sub profile name "YYY" to the default root profile name of "system profiles", as soon as i run the silkperformer script, i notice that the tool launches dynatrace session and throws a message saying "ABC Dashboard was either deleted or you do not have the required permission to open it". Silkperformer keep launching new sessions as and when i click ok on this message box. Finally, i had to kill the silkperformer process to stop the multiple dynatrace agent windows from opening recursively.

#2 - I am unable to view the purepath for the transactions sent by silkperformer. I am not sure if the issue#1 is causing this problem or if i am not looking at it in the right way.

Additionally, i have also added the WebSetDiagnostics(WEB_DIAG_dynaTraceDiagnostics); and websethttptag(); functions into the script's TINIT section.

Can you please advise if i am missing anything? I have also checked with microfocus support and they were unable to help me with these issues.

Thanks and Regards,

Saurabh Suman


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


I havent used the SilkPerformer plugin in a while. You may also want to reach out to Borland/Microfocus to see what they are saying as they develop that plugin. But - here are my initial thoughts

#1: By default the plugin will try to do a Start/Stop Session REcording. This will only work if you have disabled Continuous Session Storage on Dynatrace. By default we do however use Continuos Session storage which means that dynatrae automatically stores every PurePath anyway. I actually recommend keeping it on but DISABLE Automatic Session Start/Stop Recording in the SilkPerformer Dynatrace Plugin. I think there is a checkbox or a setting where you can disable start/stop recording

#2: Could be related to #1 but I am not 100% sure. You should do a Try Run and see if you can drill from the TrueLog to the PurePath. The TrueLog should show you whether SilkPErformer adds the X-Dynatrace HTTP HEader to each HTTP REquest. If that is the case dynatrace should be able to pick up the test name per PurePath.

In general you have to make sure that dynatrace is correctly installed on all of your application tiers: APp Server, Web Server .. -> make sure your agents are connected and that they are capturing PurePaths if you manually click through your application



@Andreas G.

Thank you Andi for the insight. It was very useful.

I think there is something still not right from silkperformer->Dynatrace integration perspective as i do not see anything on silkperformer's diagnostic plugin page (on true logs) to be able to drill down further on any page. All, i see here is - "Info - This page contains no data for displaying
the Breakdown in dynaTrace".

However, when i perform any action on the application manually i do see purepath on Dynatrace. Even with the single try script run of my script, i am able to locate the purepath under "Business transactions" using the user id. However, when i run load test, i would have trouble following this approach due to hundreds of user id coming into the picture. Moreover, there are other users in the environment as well who access the same application via different tools and even manually.

All i want is to view the silkperformer injected transactions easily identifiable under the business transactions section based on the http tag i have inserted in my scripts and as i see, due to something that's missing i am neither able to navigate to purepath from silkperformer nor able to see the silkperformer tagged transactions in business transaction section in dynatrace. So, that explains the problem i still have with point #2 as explained above.

I am still going to check the #1 with the infrastructure team and will update you further.

Is there a specific dynatrace plugin version i should be using?

Attached is the plugin information from my side. Please advise.

Also, microfocus responded saying they just provide option to enable plugin and they will not be able to help us diagnose such issues as it is outside their scope of work.

Thanks again!


Saurabh Suman

If you have a load test the best approach is to use our load testing dashboard in dynatrace as it shows you transactons based on your load testing script names. Please have a look at my Load Testing YouTube Video. There i show the best way to analyze larger load tests: