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Single dashboard to monitor purepath response time graph for multiple purepaths


-        I tried creating a dashboard containing multiple dashlets to monitor response time of multiple purepaths in a graphical format.

-        But seems like a single dashboard can monitor only a single purepath and not multiple purepaths.

-        In other words, to monitor 10 purepaths, it is required to create 10 different dashboards. (This is because we don’t have dashlet level purepath name filtering available in Dynatrace. Purepath name filtering is available only at Dashboard level)

-        Is it possible to monitor multiple purepaths as individual dashlets in a single dashboard?



Hey Prajeesh,

Instead of purepath name filtering, could you utilize BTs with the purepaths and utilize BT level filtering(available for dashlets)?

Step by step to do so:

If you base these purepaths on BTs.

  1. Within dashlet, right click and go to Dashlet properties. 
  2. Within Dashlet properties, go to the Source tab
  3. Enable Dashlet Specific Data Source & edit the filter
  4. Go to the BT tab and enable Dashlet specific filter and select the BT you require. 

Could you attach a screenshot & session storage if this doesn't resolve your issue, so I can better understand your issue?

hope this helps,