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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Size of Browser Agent?



Wish you all "Happy New Year". (smile)

My first Post in this new year is after an escalation from the customer (sad)

I have enabled the UEM and now the customer is interested to know

  1. How much data is consumed of what is the size of the browser agent(the js file) which is loaded in the customers browser?
    (I browsed through some of the pages in documentation and found that we can just right click on the web page—> Page source and then find whether the agent is running in that browser or not, however RIGHT CLICK IS DISABLED is where i end on. i  tried finding the page source by various other methods, but all in vain) 
  2. Is the Browser agent loaded everytime the user action is performed?
    (Customer wants to know if the dtagent js file for browser is loaded everytime the end user makes a click on the website)

Any suggestions would be helpful.





Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


Can you use the developer tools?   IE, FF, Chrome all have an option (F12) on your keyboard    Once enabled you should see a pane at the bottom half of the browser showing elements, network, resources, timeline, etc.  

I believe the JavaScript  is 12-15kb based on options you have enabled. The Monitor signal(data posted back) is sent once per page and size varies between 500 byte to 2000 bytes.  Cookies can also vary because of page action names, but are between the range of 60 to 250 bytes. I believe we are down to 3 or 4 cookies based on options enabled.  (Options that increase sizes of monitoring signal and cookies are:  Types of XHR being detected, Bandwidth calculation and 3rd party detection).

Note also that the JavaScript will get cached on the browser side so the user will only download it once, until there is some reason to download it again (cache gets cleared, we change the file, etc)