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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Sizing for dynaTrace5.6


This is Ryotaro

I'm sizing for dynaTrace5.6, then Sizing tool(xml) shows "medium" for the environment (result_sizing.jpg). It says the machine need

8 Cores+ and 16GB RAM+.

However, in Documentation(Medium_Environment.html), Minimal Hardware requirements says

the machine need

12 Cores+ and 24GB RAM+.

Could you tell me What is the 8GB size defference between these information.

What is the 8GB of memory for??

I have one more question for CPU.

In Documentation and Sizing tool using the word "core" for CPU,

however, is it assume what type of CPU using??

I'm thinking it will change depends on the Performance of CPU.




Best regards



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Ryotaro,

Basically the sizing is the mixture of agents and the load (transactions per day with UEM or without UEM) etc...

If you see the medium environment that all the components are installed on a single machine with the recommended distribution of heap size (RAM).

If we offload the collectors from this server and use another virtual/physical machine for them then we can reduce the resources for dynaTrace Server.

Below link is for the customer environment examples from small to xLarge environment to get a quick idea but the calculator is the best tool for the correct sizing.



hi, Babar
Thankyou for your reply!

I understand sizing tool is the best for sizing.

However, I'm confusing because of the dynaTrace5.6 documentation says defferent.

I just want to know
■which information is correct between sizing result and documentation?

■Does notation of "Core" in documentation, vary depending on CPU performance?
What is the reference CPU?

Best regards


Hello Ryotaro,

Exactly. Core representing to CPU and it is more specific to physical cores of processor.

I don't have 5.6 documentation with you but the below screenshot is from 6.1 version which was after the 5.6.




Is there any particular reason you are still using version 5.6? The current release of 6.5 is much more resource efficient and has many new great features over 5.6.

- Jacob


hi I'm daichi. I answer our situation.

we are going to migrate the old dynatrace multiple instances, which is verion 5.6.

There are many dt instances one 2 Aix servers.

So we are planning migrate these instnses into 3 dtServers which is version 6.3

untill this comming October.

But, the customer will release new Application servers on the same APserver where the v5.6 dtAgent and wsagent is installed.(jvms and webserver-instances are separete thogh.)

and they want the test-environment like in one month. so we have to prepare with v5.6, we haven't

prepare the new environment yet. But if 5.6and 6.3 agents (web and java)can exists on same server ,

we don't need to think about sizing with v5.6.