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Smart Baseline for BT not in Application Overview


Hi All,

Is it possible to create Smart Baselines, meaning system created baseline based on historic data, for business transactions that do not appear in the Monitoring Overview screen?

Here it is specified that it is only for BT that are in the monitoring overview:

Here though, i understand that violations and alerting (that exist in every BT) are also based on relative deviations :

So does that mean that they also have smart baseline and i can avoid from displaying them in the Monitoring Overview?

The need here is to produce incidents based on a BT that will work as the "response time degraded" and "failure rate".




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Not that I know of, smart baselines requires that to be added to the Monitoring overview screen; however you can add any BT that has 1 split in addition to application to this. For BTs that may split on something like URI I would look at talking to your account rep about moving to Dynatrace which can baseline specific requests.