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Some Agents show not running in easyTravel

In a classroom training environment, everyone has downloaded and installed easyTravel and required AppMon components on their laptop, then they import the demo license and almost all of them are fine and are ready for the training given by us.

However, they are some trainee where the easyTravel either .NET agents are not running, or Java and CreditCard Native Agent are not running. All of them are still having the bluebox when then training scenario in the easyTravel has been started up, but beside the .(NET) or (Java & Native) agents, the icon is a red slash instead of green circle.

In agents overview, it is stating agents skipped by license check as agent doesn't match system profile.

What am I missing here?

FYI, I've help all of them with the installation process, so everyone is installing using the same way, which is

Install easyTravel -> Install dynatrace full msi file by choosing 'basic installation' (since basic installation is the one for demo or classroom training) -> Choose to start .NET and start IIS immediately -> Installation complete and run all dynaTrace service -> import the demo license in dynaTrace client -> Install System Profile of easyTravel - > Finally start any scenario of easyTravel.


Also, just to be safe, I've the check the config/naming/typo in the properties or config of the agents, all are correct.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Wai,

If the message is "Skipped by license check as agent doesn't match system profile" then I suggest you edit the system profile and look into the agent mappings for the groups in which these agents are supposed to fit. Compare the agent mapping rule with the actual agent name (from the EasyTravel).

That message means that the name of the agent does not match any agent mapping rule and therefore cannot be associated with any system profile.

Let us know if you're still having issues.

Best regards,


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If you've imported the System Profile from EasyTravel, then it's not really an Agent mapping problem, as that profile already has the required Agent Groups. A quick check of the profile should verify the required AgentGroups and Mappings are there.

As an alternate approach, I suggest that you install AppMon BEFORE installing EasyTravel. In your situation, simply uninstall EasyTravel and reinstall. See if that fixes your problem.


joe hoffman