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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Some tests are not visible in Test Results dashlet. They are seen in the Test Overview dashlet.


I ran a web api test suite 4 times using Postman by passing the TR (different value for each test) value as a header. I see all the requests are being captured in Test Overview dashlet, but some of the requests are not shown in the Test Results dashlet. Can anyone let me know why is this happening?


I have 13 api requests in the test suite. I have tagged each of the web requests by passing the names NA tag in the header. In the Test Overview, i see that 13 test are passed, but when try to compare the results, some of the transactions do not show all the results.

Attaching screenshots. In the screenshot, Final Cart transaction is called in 4 tests but the result is shown only for one testtest-overview.png test-results.png



The graph for the test results dashlet only displays by day and not by build. Did you run all 4 tests around the same time? It says the previous run was only 8 minutes ago. It might just be showing all the data on a single point. I assume bytes sent between each test run was the same. If you hover over the dot on the graph, does the tooltip show multiple test runs?

Greg - Some of the tests were run around the same time, but not exact moment. Some tests were 1 hour apart.
I just now noticed that some metrics for the requests show multiple test results. Screenshots attached.

In the screenshot, the Number of requests metrics for FinalCart webservice shows only one test result whereas the DB count metrics for the same webservice shows the results for all the tests


If you mouse over the single data point, I bet you'll see multiple tests listed. Here's an example with 2. You can click and drag to zoon in on the test details. That should allow you to see both data points.

No Greg, i checked and only one result is present. In fact for the same api call, another measure was captured for all the tests. ie: for a webapi call Homepage which was tested 4 times - "Number of Requests" measure was only shown for one test wheras "DB count" measure was shown for all the tests [as shown in the screenshots in the above reply]