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Split by Agents Groups Not Working


Has anyone ever seen this? I'm probably going to open a Support Case, but I'm hoping for a possibly quick answer here. None of the measures I'm charting are splitting correctly when I select Split by Agent Group. They are grouped into a single Agent Group named all-groups. Splitting by individual agent does work, however.

Also, I have another Dynatrace Server where splitting by Agent Group does work for those same measures.




Hey Cesar,

Yes, I'm facing that right now in 6.2 and 6.3. I've been trying to plot CPU and Memory and show them by agent. If I individually choose the 8 agents as a filter, the chart shows the measures. If I choose the three agent groups those are split into, no data shows. I don't have a screenshot now but can generate one if needed.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Guys. Any update from support on this? Is this a confirmed issue?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

From a support case:

"The "CPU Total Time" is a host metric and not an agent metric. Splitting according to the agent group will not work in DT versions greater than 6.1 since the host measures are now stored per host and not per agent anymore."

I encountered this a while back, basically host data gets thrown into <all agents> so you can't do any splitting based on agent group, personally I think it should at least be possible to split the old way as the infrastructure level alerting/management doesn't fit every use case.



I found another case where this is happening to the measure Count Backend. Splitting is bucketing data into the <all-agents> bucket. I never did open a support case, but I'm opening one now and will post the solution, if any, here.

I find that if I add with no splitting, I am unable to split by agent group in the chart (uses <all-agents> but if I add from the measure picker splitting by agent (or some other options) I am able to use the split by agent group option.

Hi James. I'm aware of that behavior. Choosing "No Splitting" from the measure picker does not allow you to split at all from the chart options. But, even selecting a split from the Measure Picker then splitting by agent group does not work as expected.

On 6.5.9 I am able to split this measure by agent group, which release are you on?