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Stacked Bar Chart type is missing in Web Dashboard


I'm in DT Web Dashboard & trying to configure a Tile. But I couldn't see the Stacked Bar Chart type. Whereas in DT Client I could see that chart type.

Can someone help me on this.


Hari Kumar Alampuru


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Hari,

What version of AppMon are you on? I'm on 6.5 and I do see the Bar Chart Type. See screenshot ->

Hope this helps,


That is a stacked percentage bar chart, which is different from a stacked bar chart. 🙂

In the java client you have both, in the WebUI only the stacked percentage bar chart is available as it's own type, the clustered bar chart just falls under Bar/Line chart.

I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing out the subtle difference 🙂

Hi Hari,

I believe that is just available in the thick client for the time being. You could put in a Request for Enhancement at to have this added.

-Jacob P


This is possible in the Webinterface, it is just not a custom chart type!

Just make a Bar/Line chart, if you add a splitting to the measures it will automatically show as a clustered bar chart.

Thanks Patrick..Tried the way that you mentioned & it worked. 🙂