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Static Content not being visible in Purepath?

Even though I enabled the UEM, I am unable to see the details of the static content (images, css files, xml's, js files, etc...). Can anyone help me how can I make the static content enabled in purepath.


another screenshot for sensor config

I am running dynaTrace on also, UEM is also enabled for this profile

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Dear Naveem,

If you monitor static content (images, css files, xml's, js files, etc...), these will show up as seperate PurePaths with in most cases only a request to the web server.

The Web Server sensor configuration does not exclude certain request so I would expect to see the static content in the PurePath Dashlet. Can you check and search in the PurePath Dashlet in the upper window for .png, .jpg, .gif, .css or .js. As is shown below. Reason I ask is that your PurePath Dashlet shows the filter icon so it is filtering.

If you want to see the static content in relation to a user action you
should open the User Action PurePath. Check there
if you see for user actions there are static files downloaded. The User Action PurePath can be found in section Diagnose User Experience>User Action PurePaths

Another point off topic:

I noticed in the Web Server sensor configuration you placed no values in the HTTP Header and HTTP Parameter field. When there is a wildcard (*) or nothing it will take all parameters. In a test ennvironment it is ok, but in production I would advise not to use wildcards and specify specific header or parameters you want the value of.

Kind regards,


Dear Mark,

Thanks for your help. Some how, it is not showing in my purepaths like yours. Moreover, we use Akamai to render static content and we should be able to see atleast Akamai is the culprit or so which is not happening.

Any help in this regards is appreciated

- Naveen M

Dear Naveen,

In case your static content is handled by Akamai and the Web Server Agent is placed on the server that only handles Dynamic content, then you will not see the static content in PurePaths. Because PurePath starts at the Web Server Agent that receives the web requests.

Only place visible I would assume the User Action PurePath Dashlet. Also as long you have enabled in the UEM configuration Capture Resource Information.

Kind regards,


Where in the ""PurePath Dashlet shows the filter icon"? I did not notice and also hard to notice?

What do you actually mean with the Filter icon?

  • In the PurePath Dashlet to show the Find field
    • you click in the PurePath dashlet and start typing then the Find field will appear
    • Or you type ctrl-f it will appear as well

  • To filter in the PurePath Dashlet right click on the on the Header and select Edit Filters

Kind regards,


Hey Mark, That part I see it. The main reason, why I initiated it is that, when you see the attached scroonshot, we get only transaction in purepath is only stopped at the webserver only and we are thinking some static content is blocking some where. So, thought of finding out info on it. But, what ever, I configure nothing is showing up in purepath. So, any help is appreciated capture1.png

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Naveen,

Normally with static web request you see in the PurePath tree a web request on the web server level. In case the the web server provides the static content then the PurePath will consist of one node.

In case the application service deliveres the static content as well, then you would see multiple nodes. The first will be the Web request on web server, followed by either asynchronous or synchronous communication to the application server. On the Application server you will then see a Web request and possibly method calls, db calls and such.

In the later case you will only see the request to the application server if you have an agent on the application server. And the dynatrace tag send with the request to the application server is not filtered out by a device in the middle.

Kind regards,