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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Strange chart drawing behavior

Hello guys,

I'm facing a problem in one of our monitored applications. our host performance charts in one of the two application hosts are taking about ~20 minutes to draw the chart and when it happens some data are lost.

I checked all the deployment health dashboards and I was unable to find the cause of the problem.

Someone have any hint of what is causing this behavior?

thanks in advance.



Hi Douglas,

Have you checked any anomaly in the Start Center -> Deployment health -> Monitor Performance Warehouse Overview - Read -> "Time spent writing measurements"

Look for spike or constant high avg time.

Also, try checking the incidents related to performance warehouse in the incidents for the Self Monitoring profile.

Also, It seems for missing data, either your agents or the PWH might got offline. Check those too in server logs.

Regards, Rajesh