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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Support for Kafka/Hadoop


Hello -

dynaTrace has helped us narrow the root cause of an application problem to Kafka. Does dynaTrace have any way to get more visibility into kafka/hadoop?

For example, if we see sync time on Kafka methods, how should I go about getting more information for debugging? Is it possible to leverage dynaTrace fastpacks or plugins to get more information?

Finally, is it possible in the future that Hadoop or Kafka will be visible as their own tier in the dynaTrace transaction flow?




Agree. It would be nice to have such technologies supported.

Additional topic:

JVM Zing and Kafka Support

The link you provided is not visible to me

This was a link to an internal forum - here is the text

Apache Kafka is currently not supported, as always enter a RFE to the forum if needed:

Azul Zing - been years since I last heard that question, when we last investigated it was not possible to instrument that JVM. Unlikely they have added the JVMTI interface and even if they had we never tested it or do officially support it.

Please check out . Various JVMs from Azul are supported with 6.5.


Do we have any ETA if this support is available ? Also Is their any flexibility to support confluent Kafka too ?


Has there been any additional development by Dynatrace to support this technology? I understand there's a GitHub plugin; is there anything native to APM yet?

Dynatrace Certified Professional

The engineering team has Kafka on their list. I just double checked with the responsible PM. Its not coming within the next couple of weeks but it is on the roadmap for later this year

Right now the best is to pull in metrics from Kafka so that you understand what is being processed by Kafka and correlate that with the data Dynatrace captures through its agents