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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Switch from classic to AppMon Agent triggered huge traffic on uem monitoring


Hello Experts,

Need your expect advice . Very much urgent as we are stuck into a bad situation after switching from classic Agent to Appmon agent .

Post the switch we were having instrumentation errors due to which agent wasn’t able to connect to appmon server so we had to cleared agent cache which fixed this issue and agent was connected . Post this we got into another issue where we started getting huge UEM traffic on our Akamai server .

We checked with DT support and they mentioned there is no change between the script used by appmon and classsic agent . So now we don’t know what has triggered huge traffic for UEM morning .

1)We are not sure if there is a setting which needs to me tuned in AppMon Agent to make it work like classic agent in terms of uem.

2) if we switch AppMon Agent back to classic than not sure if this issue will be fixed .If there a backup config file which can tell us whether our classic agent was running with some custom settings?

3)Our applications have not changed so the only change was switch if agent.

Our agent bootstrap version is 7.

Any advice or direction will help . Please share what you can think of.

Thanks ,



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

As I understand you have hiuge traffic on CDN that is serving agent library file?


Hello Sebastian,

Sorry i didnt get your quesion. BTW we made some progres and the traffic is reduced manifold. Previous all the traffic was due to referrer links in the uRL as below,


After making some changes to beacon signal for all our web applications in UEM the traffic is reduced still we do see some referrer as shown below,there is also some dtcookie which DT said might be due to user browser cache. (say out of 100k lines,73 k was due to referrer in the URL link,but now after setting bs only 17k lines are left showing referrer still )We cannot do anything to user browser so nt sure if there is any setting in DT UEM config which can be tuned.


Are u aware of any beacon signal setting which might be there in classic agent but to switch might have got wiped off and have to setup manually?

Some backgroud:- We have web application (Say A)which jumps to another application (B)outside the org for authentication ,which than refers it back to A.