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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Synthetic Integration to App Mon Questions


Hello team,

The Synthetic team told me to post this here - I'm not sure that it's the appropriate forum but hopefully you can help!

When configuring the integration from the Synthetic side, you are prompted to list your AppMon IP address, port, and SSL config. If my AppMon server is in my customer's network, Synthetic will never be able to connect to this box, correct? If I put in the host name, I'm assuming it will fail.

1) How can I test this?

2) Has anyone else faced this use case?

Thank you!


Hi Brett,

I think that as long as your AppMon server is accessible from outside the customers network (without having to specifically white-list certain IP's or VPN) then should work just fine.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

We had an issue where a proxy was blocking ours but we were able to make a change to the server configuration to allow this to work. If you would like I can dig up what we added. At least I believe this is related to what we had to do.


Hey James,

So even if your client could connect, the drill down wouldn't work without a proxy change?

Ha, you know that might explain why that wasn't working. I thought there was another config I needed to do but that might be the reason.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


I believe this setup is when you click on purepath icon in the Portal uses this info to open that purepath in the DT client. If the DT Sever is behind the firewall then your local pc has to be connected to that network in order for the integration to work. If the DT Server is in the DMZ, like our demo site, you can be anywhere for it to work.

So put in the same settings your customer has in the DT Client above. If you test the integration from the customers PC on the customer's network it will work fine. If you try it from your PC outside of their network it won't work.



Hey Mike,

That's exactly the behavior I was hoping for. Unfortunately, I don't have Synthetics running against a SP in prod to test the drill down yet. I'll try to get a script running today so I can test.