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System Profiles for middleware


I am deploying Dynatrace AppMon and I was wondering what is the optimum way of implementing system profiles for the following case.

There are different applications, let's call them System A, B, C and D, they do not directly interact with each other but the interact through middleware (System X).

If I create a System Profile for each system, considering a synchronous will I be able to track the purepath (or a business transaction) over the different system profiles like System A - System X - System B? How will it appear in the transaction flow for instance?

If I add all systems into one huge system profile, I will face the problem of security and user privileges since in Dynatrace AppMon it is per system profile not per application, or is there a way around this so that different teams can have access to only specific applications or tiers (agent groups)?

Any ideas are welcome.





Hello Alfred,

We have a same environment where MW has a different profile but we end up with different kind of limitations in case of multiple system profile and keep discussing to make a single profile for the ease of administration and clear visibility of Transaction Flow and PurePaths.

The main disadvantage of having multiple system profiles is the PurePaths are only stored and analyzed in the system profile that contained the entry point. Therefore, mostly people go with a single profile and it is also a recommended way to have a single profile for each environment.

Check the following post for the Pros and Cons of a Single Profile and Cross-System-Profile-PurePaths.

You can also find many debates and RFE about this topic in the community.