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Tagged Web Request does not marks transaction failure for Tagged Requests?


Hi Team, We have integrated load test with Appmon using x-dynatrace header for a PHP/Apache based application. But in tagged header request dashboard shows 0% failure however there as many failures (no response) have been reported from the Load Testing report.

What to do to resolve this Inconsistency? How to mark failures in PHP sensor?

There are mostly 200s and 302 HTTP codes.

Please suggest. Are the status code not being used properly in developement ?


If you have 200 response code how you want report it as error? In such case there should be different response code.


I am not sure if the status codes being used properly here. any hints?

You are saying that Dynatrace detects wrong status code or application is using wrong one? If you are assuming that there is bug in Dynatrace it would be better to open support ticket.



Hi Sebastian,

Pardon, Let me clarify. The Load test team has reported a lot of failures from the load test tool.

But those are not being reflected in appmon Tagged web request dashlet, infact there are zero percent failures! I am just trying to figure out why this is such? If there any error detection problem rule missing in appmon or the application is behaving as such -- That is I am not sure.

This is causing difficulty to establish the error what we see in load test and what we see in appmon.

Here is snapshot:

Did you checked if those failed transactions were voucher not as tagged web requests but like regular purepaths?

Yep, when I do populate the PurePath dashboard, all PurePaths are tagged requests only. Also, the environment is exclusively used for Perf test. So, there are no 'regular purepaths' with untagged names.

The question is if you have monitored all layers that you need. Is there anything before agents that can be responsible for throwing status code?