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Tasks and Monitors Dashboard Run Result


Is there a way to get the run result color to reflect that a measure threshold has been violated. For example, if I would like to be able to visually see if a URL monitor gets a 500 for the HTTP status code and I've set my upper limit to 201. I can get an alert from this, but is there a way to have the visual indicator show yellow or red?

As it is I get a green indicator as long as the monitor executes successfully but there is no visual indication of a threshold violation.

Thanks for any ideas.



Hello Jason,

You would need to add the measure to a chart and change the type from a line chart to a traffic light. This would allow the chart to track with the results of your tasks or monitors. When the results pass the warning threshold, the chart will turn yellow and change to a warning. When the results are past the severe threshold the traffic light will turn red to indicate the severe state.


David Nicholls

Ok, thank you very much for the response.