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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Test Automation: dotNet AssertInconclusiveException results in "failed" tests


We have instrumented our integration tests on a dotNet application.

This works fine, but now recently we see failed tests reported by Dynatrace while they are all green in TFS. Appearantly, when some backend systems are down an "AssertInconclusiveException" is thrown. So, the test is inconclusive, not failed.

It seems that this is a default feature in dotNet and should not be seen as failed.

I have tried to exclude this exception, but still the tests were reported as failed. Even created a rule in "Error Detection" to only "count as error", but for AppMon the purepath leaves with an unhandled exception and therefore it fails.

Is there any other way to ignore these exceptions? Or would it be an RFE to take this specific assert into account.



Hey Bert,

I just spent some time looking for the RFE i filed for expecting exceptions last year, and it seems like something was implemented as of 6.5.

Perhaps @Sonja C.
can shed some light on whether it will work for your situation

Rick B


I think this is related, but something different. We use the latest update of AppMon 7.0.

In dotNet, you can assert an "inconclusive" event when the test is inconclusive. Nor red or green. But you don't know because for example a third party service you rely on is down.

More applicable with integration tests.