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Test automation initial setup.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


We plan on utilizing the Test Automation dashlet and features so I am trying to make sure that I understand the initial setup correctly. I've been reading documentation and watched a number of presentations but some things are still not completely clear.

It sounds like to use this we will need to have a dedicated agent in a "test" agent group which will have the test sensor packs active based on how things were setup in the demos during the presentations but I don't believe it was explicitly explained the reasons this was setup and if this is exactly how it should be. Does there actually have to be a new agent purchased and installed (on the build server?). Is this correct or is this only necessary for certain types of tests or cases or am I just completely off base.

Any assistance is appreciated!



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you tell me what type of tests you want to monitor with dynatrace? Is it Unit Tests such as JUnit, NUnit or is it Web API/REST API Tests using tools such as JMeter, ...

So a bunch of tools are used here with Jenkins being the main one for deploying builds, in addition there are others such as Jmeter and loadrunner being utilized. In the immediate period the main one we are looking at is to integrate the Test Automation dashlet with Selenium testing so that would be my focus to get up and running.


I've watched some more presentations including your Tips and Tricks video from October so I think I have a better understanding now. It is for the Jenkins integration it sounds like to me that a separate agent is required, maybe I am mistaken. I'll continue research.

@James K. - I am trying to use the Test Automation feature using Selenium scripts triggered from Jenkins, do you have any tips?

This project never got off the ground at the time but I was looking at it a bit more recently and found this good piece of documentation. Perhaps it will help but I have no personal experience setting that up yet: