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Text and Measurement dashlet: Display the percentile

I need to be able to display a number that indicates the average of the 95th percentile response time. I realize percentile data is calculated on an hourly basis and so I want to display the "average" of the 95th percentile numbers that are calculated within my business transaction. I tried to use the "text and measurement" dashlet in the full client. I also tried to use the "measurement" tile in the webclient. Both of these only allow me to display average of the average response time. I was able to display the number (although it's not as nice) when I use the business transaction list tile in the web dashboard, however my business transaction has several splittings and I only want to show the values for 2 of the splittings. I can click on the tile and then type in the names of the 2 in the "filter" box, but I can't get that filter to stick/save in the tile configurator. Any ideas or do I need to put in some RFE requests?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Have you tried Line and/or Percentile Charts with the table viewable? This might be an ok workaround...not great...but ok.

Good idea! I'll give it a shot. I know I should probably open a separate thread on this, but. . .

I noticed an RFE that is marked complete (I commented on it, but since it is marked complete, I'm not certain if it is still "monitored" for comments). The RFE title says:

Text/Measure Dashlet that changes text color when a threshold violation occurs (DONE - Fall 2014)

I happened to come across this RFE when I was searching for answers for this thread and thought this would be a pretty cool feature to add to one of my dashboards. I can't figure out how to make this work or documentation on it. Do you happen to know anything about this?


Hello Melissa,

In the text and measurement dashlet, when you right click to enter the dashlet properties and go to the source tab, you can select measures to be displayed. In order to have the colors change when it passes a threshold you will need to go to the text style tab and check the box that states, "Apply threshold violation colors".


David Nicholls

Hi David!

I'm still not able to see this. I don't see an option to select the measure in the source tab. I usually use the Content tab to select the measure to be displayed. When I go tot he Text Style tab, I don't see the checkbox. Do you have a screen shot? source-testandmeasures.pngcontenttab-testandmeasure.pngtextstyletab-textandmeasure.png


Hi Melissa,

Yes, you are right, I typed source tab by mistake, I meant the content tab. For applying the violation colors, it looks like it is a feature that was added in App

Mon 7.0. I checked my v6.5 instance and it was not there.

Here is a screenshot:


David Nicholls


Hi David,

I tried threshold violation color on Text & Measurement dashlet.. also mentioned threshold in measure's upper severe.

But didn't understand what will be color before violation and what will be after violation..

Even after violation of threshold it was showing a same color as selected in text style > color setting of dashlet.

Please help..


Bhavin Shah